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About Us

MOCAP.LT was found in spring 2007. The studio is perfectly equipped with modern high-precision equipment from VICON.

  • Facial and full body Motion Capture services since 2007
  • Consulting, training and technical support
  • Special pricing for students and non-commercial projects

Motion Capture Services

Full Body Motion Capture is the power bust for your animation production. Using captured motion data, you will speed up your animation production in x50 or more times.

Facial Motion Capture will help you to get even the insignificant movements and changes of face mimics. The motion data obtained this way distinguishes by an unusual reality, and production facial animation takes much less time than animating it manually.

Objects Motion Capture - swords, spears, musical instruments, etc. When real objects with real weights and dimensions are used in the process of motion capture, the obtained mocap-data and final objects’ animation as well as interaction with them are very realistic.


Capturing - 1 day (8 hours) 1200 EUR
Capturing - 0.5 day (4 hours) 700 EUR
Automatic data cleaning FREE
Manual data cleaning 4 - 10 EUR per seconf per character
Animation characterization 20 EUR per character per animation
Retargeting and animation fixing 4 - 10 EUR per seconf per character
Modeling, rigging, other services Contact us for more info and prices



Phone: +370 65 905 905




Fabijoniskiu 90 - 60
Vilnius, LT-07100